Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live Your LIfe The Way You Want To

   Contentment, the scariest word in the English language. Unfortunately far too many people in this world are content with there lives even though deep down they are very unhappy.  I feel like everyone in my life is ok with not living it. What I mean by this is when you ask most people what there ideal life would look like they tell you stuff that is totally attainable! Live by the beach, be fit, travel, etc.. Too many people around me and you are content with the way there lives are going and okay with forgetting about there dreams and desires.
   So sit down, write a list of all things you would like to experience in your life, then write down your plan to do them. Like Nike says, "just do it!" You'll be a member of a very small group that lives on there terms, not societies.

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  1. Hey there. Great to meet/follow you. Thanks for coming by my blog and reading about Nepal. Your blog looks like it's going to be inspirational. Love your look.

    I am currently doing a blogging challenge where I post every day except Sunday. I'm posting about a different country or aspect of travel. More tomorrow. O is for??